MIND THE GAP needs your support to create opportunities for international artists and scholars to collaborate and exchange ideas. We are currently seeking monetary support and donations in the form of air miles to make our first iteration of MIND THE GAP possible as we head to Istanbul to the ISEA conference. Please consider sponsoring MIND THE GAP to make this type of community-engaged endeavor possible. For further information, please contact Alexia Mellor and Michelle Dunn at icont.cept@gmail.com.

Thank you for your support!

We would like to thank the following for sponsoring MTG 2011:

taos art experiences http://www.taosartexperiences.com/

Ann & Joe Frassa

Kathleen Dunn

Paul & Kelly Roswell

Maria Janosko http://mariajanosko.com

Rocket Ranch Design & Advertisting http://www.rocketranchdesign.com

Vasia Markides http://www.vasiamarkides.blogspot.com/

Monica Mitchell & Kevin Finn

Valerie & Garrett Cullen www.hypersoul.us

Nicole Deister

Nova Benway

Micul Thompson

Nance Davies

Natalie Casteneda

Columbia Art Center http://www.columbiaartcenter.org/

Sarah Banasiak and Alan Hayward

Rachel Perry Welty http://www.rachelperrywelty.com/

Mary McPhail Gray

Jennifer Barrows

Kathleen Skinner

Paul Kotakis

Ani Avanian

Holly Burger

Julie & Steve O’Connell

Sean & Mary Casey http://www.cmientertainment.com/index.html 

Susan & Dennis Casey

Maureen & James Dunn

Cynthia Shaw

Colleen McGuire

Deborah O’Brien

Marie & James Cullinane

Katherine Zimmerman

Taos Travel/Artours www.artoursltd.com

Ellen Singer and Parker McRae

Alison Adams

Randall LaGro http://randalllagrostudio.com/introduction.html

Jean Moon

Marion Wilson

Jean Carney-Cardillo

Dianne Dobie

Virginia Farland

Evelyn Casey

Christine Schmiedel

Ashima Dua

Darrin Kaloz

Liz Cunningham

Frank and Joy Purcell

Carl Gunhouse

Barbara Nicklas

Jennifer Fink

Mathew and Jessica Barewicz