+ or – zero
The video-sound piece – ‘+ or – zero’ – reveals the private thoughts of a subway rider. With carefully coded behavior, this passenger navigates and negotiates her way through the shared space of a train car. Eye or body contact is allowed only when absolutely necessary so she maintains the necessary gap between herself and the others – often by a ‘hair’s breath’. The train lurches and bodies collide as personal space is breached over and over again and the ratio of bodies to space expands and contracts. Finally, the rider is lulled into a strange compression of space and time -measuring her journey in breath, balance, and a crying child.

I am an interdisciplinary, mixed-media artist, curator, and educator.  My work explores the impact of culture, technology, and location on personal experience and social interrelationship.  I have been influenced by growing up in the vast open spaces of the central plains and on the beaches of mid-coast California.  I teach at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA in the Graduate and Studio Foundations Departments.  My work has been widely exhibited – including New York City, Melbourne, Australia, Baltimore, Boston, Oakland, Richmond VA, Winston-Salem, NC, Portland, OR, and Rockport and Portland, ME.