Home is an emotional depiction of transformation of live.

The video begins with lively memory of our childhood. At that time, around Chinese New Year, family members would decorate their rooms with handmade cut-paper pieces in bright red, which seemed bring warmth to home in the harshest winter days in Beijing. “Magpies and Plume Blossoms” is one of the most typical motifs found on windows. The small building in Hutong (courtyard) style, Spring Festival pictures with painted door-gods, exquisite lantern, firecrackers, giggling chickens, and wind wheels – all of these recall happiness of simple live in the past.…The world changes so fast. Things we cherish only remain in memory. In the reality, the entire neighborhood of our home was demolished prior to Beijing Olympic Game. We captured the bleak landscape outside our window with a camera. It was another day around Chinese New Year.

Nowadays, in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and numerous cities of China, demolitions of residential area and forced evictions become daily practice for economic development, ‘because development and construction occupy a crucial role in driving GDP growth nationwide and are a priority for central government officials. It is more often the desire of officials, developers and their associated demolition and relocation companies for greater profits that fuels these unfortunate incidents (Cited from’ of families and individuals. Through telling our personal experiences, Home, the short animated film composed with traditional Chinese cut-paper images, indicates the situation that both people’s property and feelings have been trampled as a result of the social transformation inducing bottomless greed.

Lily & Honglei (Xiying Yang, Honglei Li) work as a new media artist team. Both from Beijing, China, they are currently based in New York. Their projects utilize traditional painting techniques and digital imaging technologies including animation, virtual reality and augmented reality, to construct an in-between space reflecting Chinese cultural heritages and current social issues in the context of globalization.Lily & Honglei exhibit art projects internationally. Their solo exhibitions are held in Germany, China, Australia and United States. Their recently group exhibitions include, From Jamaica to China at the Painting Center in New York, Augmented Reality Intervention at the 54th Venice Biennale, Manifest.AR at Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Jamaica Flux ’10 at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in New York, Moving Paper- cut paper animation festival at Museum of Art and Design in New York, Fluid New Media Art Festival at Queens Museum of Art in New York, New Ink Painting Generation exhibition in Shanghai University, FILE – Electronic Language International Festival in Brazil, Performing in Second Life at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in New York, the 11th Consciousness Reframed International Research Conference in Norway, International Festival of Electronic Art 404 in Argentina, The 10th Boston CyberArts Festival, and presentations at conferences including EVA 2010: Electronic Visualization & Arts in London, National College Art Association 2009 Conference in LA, SIGGRAPH: Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques 2008 Art Gallery at Los Angles, among many others. Lily & Honglei deliver lectures at many new media and contemporary art venues, such as MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies, University of Massachusetts, and New York University. Lily & Honglei’s recent artworks are published by ASPECT Magazine, China Sand – Art and Science Research in China, New Media Caucus Journal in Chicago, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Magazine in New York, Terna Prize 02 Catalog in Italy, Ars Hypermedia in Italy, Jamaica Flux ’10 Catalog. They receive support from National Endowment for the Arts, and DSL Collection of Chinese Contemporary Art.

Lily & Honglei both studied fine arts in China and continued their education in art in the States. Lily Xiying Yang received Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Media from College of Visual and Performing Arts at University of Massachusetts, while Honglei Li earned his MFA degree in Painting from the same school. Lily & Honglei currently work as independent artists in New York City. Their work is viewable at Lily & Honglei can be reached at