The video Keep Moving came out of a project called The Kitchen Sink Too. The original form of the project was an outdoor public workshop, where participants were asked to create wearable “junk-sculptures” from items such as bags of clothes, old electronics, children’s toys, useless knick-knacks and household appliances. The piles of collected junk were lashed onto wearable sculptural backpack frames so that participants could try as they might to walk with the burdens they created.

In the video Keep Moving, the artist walks slowly across the frame in front of a foggy New York City skyline, carrying her worldly, unnecessary possessions on her back, following a sign meant to keep pedestrian traffic moving through the lines to board a ferry. The words “keep moving”, the blurred New York skyline and the ferry which she is meant to board become instructions, aspirations and opportunities that speak to a collective cultural burden.

Heidi Kayser is an artist/musician, curator, and Founder of Axiom Center for New and Experimental Media. A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art’s Studio for Interrelated Media, she has also completed coursework in pre-medical studies and the Graduate Viola Performance Studio at Boston University. She has exhibited at Arnheim Gallery, Schiltkamp Gallery, Melle Finelli Gallery, FPAC Gallery, the Artists Foundation, Art Interactive, Godine Gallery and many others. She recently received a grant for public art from the New England Foundation for the Arts and a grant for public floating art from the Fort Point Channel Artists Community. She has lectured at Northeastern, RISD, SMFA, Wentworth and MassArt, among other special projects including arts advocacy, curating, and leading educational initiatives.Currently, she is Adjunct faculty in the Art Department at Smith College and adjunct faculty in the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art. She recently attended the Bumpkin Island Art Encampment Residency and is one of four artists selected to be an Artist in Residence at the Cape Cod Modern House Trust in Wellfleet, MA.