The included videos represent the digital component of MIND THE GAP. From works addressing our complex relationship to home, to the challenges of language barriers and the attempt to bridge geographic divides, these videos offer a personal reflection on the gaps that define our times.

In our attempt to bridge gaps, MIND THE GAP welcomes guest curators Heidi Kayser and Nance Davies with “Riders on the Train”  and Vela and La Die with “8bitz per Pixel.”

All videos will be included in the screenings at IMC5533 on September 12th and 15th from 4-6:30pm, and in video interventions throughout Istanbul. We hope you can join us either in Istanbul or here on our Vimeo channel


Collin McRae (USA)

Heidi Kayser

Lily & Honglei (USA/China)

Nance Davies (USA)

Sarah Ross (USA)

Selin Balci (Turkey/USA)

Shashwati Talukdar (USA/India)

Stephanie Beck (USA)