An artist collaborative between Lisa Gideonsson (1986) and Gustaf Londré (1985) based in Stockholm, Sweden. Together they are interested in finding escape routes and establish temporary hiding places. With installations, performances and public interventions they are reconsidering conventional narrative constructions through exploring what the defining components might be.
Third Man, Slakthuset, Stockholm, 2011; Preludium: Third Man, Mindepartementet, Stockholm, 2011; Seeing White Horses perform: Events and missing Links, Super Market Stockholm Art Fair, 2011; Skulpturenpark, Berlin, Germany, 2010

DV – I’m drifting explores the sea and its role in the discourse on freedom. It’s an investigation of the history of the law of the sea in contrast to the fantasy of the high seas as a place (non-place) of escape and exploration. The sea is used in the project as a metaphor, or as a temporary site, for a continued investigation of the possibilities of autonomy and escape as a form of artistic strategy.