Foerster works in a variety of media including textiles, performance and sculptural installation. Her recent work alters public spaces with modular and mobile structures based on textiles and green technologies that encourage interaction and exchange with her audience. Foerster received a MFA in Visual Arts from the University of California at San Diego. She has exhibited at national and international venues and festivals such as the MCA in San Diego, Conflux Festival of Art and Technology in nyc, Version 8 Fest in Chicago, and Estación Tijuana in Mexico. She is most recently the recipient of an Idea Fund grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation and an Artist Incubator grant from the Museum and Cultural Affairs Department of El Paso. In addition to her art practice, Foerster is faculty at the University of Texas at El Paso Art Department.

Art.hro.poda: pul pul dökmek will be presented as three interactive street performances based on a wearable shelter medium called shell-tear-wear. Inspired by the adaptive features developed by arthropods over thousands of years, Art.hro.poda relies on a multi-layered, modular suit that morphs, detaches and reconfigures as she moves from one environment to the next. In each Art.hro.poda: pul pul dökmek performance, she will exfoliate her outer layer, refashion it into a resting pod and vacate it temporarily as an offering to the public space. Therefore the performances will include bothArt.hro.poda’s exfoliation and the public’s engagement with the vacated pods.