MIND THE GAP creates a bridge between physical and virtual spaces by making many of our projects available to audiences outside Istanbul. Whether you are right here in Istanbul with us or on the other side of the globe, we invite you to participate in our interactive works. From downloadable audio soundscapes, to interactive brochures, to our “Map the Gap” digital photo project, viewers from around the world can actively participate in bridging gaps.


Dirk Adams
Elena Mazzi
Guillaume LeMoine
Lisa Gildeonsson and Gustaf Londré

JOIN US in Map the Gap

As a participant in the “Map the Gap” project, you have the opportunity to explore your own ideas of gaps and have your digital photos displayed on our Tumblr. We invite viewers to consider the various gaps we experience in our daily lives. Whether it is a gap in the sidewalk that we jump over, the gap in our teeth that has distinguished us, or the gap in time and space that separates us from our loved ones, gaps are all around us. Tell your story through your digital photos and send them to us at: icont.cept@gmail.com. Write in the subject line: “Map the Gap.” Selected photos can be viewed at: