Roberley Bell spent her childhood in Latin America and Southeast Asia, before returning to the United States to attend the University of Massachusetts and State University of New York at Alfred from where she holds an MFA in Sculpture. Bell is the recipient of many grants and fellowships including two from the New York Foundation for the Arts, a Pollock Krasner Fellowship, a Fulbright to the Netherlands and several residency awards.

Bell’s work has been exhibited in both one person and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally. Her work has been included in exhibitions at the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Dieu Donne Gallery, NYC; Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; Fassbender-Stevens Gallery, Chicago Black and White Gallery, Brooklyn , Paul Petro Gallery Toronto and several Art Fairs. Bell has completed public site projects in Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New York.

Bell’s projects examine ideas related to the built environment exploring the relationship between the man made and the natural in landscape focusing on the artifice of nature. Bell creates both exterior and interior works Her gardens projects are both a play on and with nature. The recent sculpture series Flower Blobs take their cue from blob architecture their forms are in fact nothing in nature though the sculptures reveal themselves as natural forms. The Flower Blobs continue to explore the spills of her landscape projects, the space where the artificial meets the real. The Flower Blobs become a miniature version if not a souvenir of our extreme control of the landscape.


Paradise re-made is both a sculpture and a participatory artwork that becomes a field, spreading out across the city of Istanbul like a landscape. It moves away from the object crafted by the artist and becomes whole only through the desire of the participants. For this revisited version Participants are  invited to take a flowering plant from the desk at Gallery 5533. They are asked to relocate the plant within the public realm of the vast city of Istanbul. They are asked to consider how they can make a contribution to the built environment by depositing their gifted plant as if leaving  behind a personal note. In return I ask the participant to document where it is they take the plant, where will it be ; the heavily trafficked Taksim square, a sheltered bus stop along the Halic , a tea garden with a view of the Bosporpus or  perhaps they will re gift the plant passing it on to yet another. Paradise re-made re-visited becomes a shared public performance through the actions and desires of the audience to participate. Paradise re-made was originally carried out in the city of  Kaliningrad, Russia as part of the European night of the museums in 2009  and again on the roof of Alan Istanbul in the spring of 2010.