Michelle M. C. Dunn is a mixed media artist, born in Massachusetts she graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, Painting. She draws upon intuition and perceptions of personal and daily experiences as a basis to create a guideline to begin her creative process for each work. “Through an investigation of the various roles I play: mother, daughter, wife, step-daughter, sister and woman, I simultaneously explore the structure of self”. Dunn is interested in exploring other materials and forms of media to further explore issues of identity.


Using uniforms and language reminiscent of corporate American coffee shop chains, Mellor and Dunn enter into bustling public spaces in Istanbul, offering weary visitors samples of tea. We use the persona of a barrista to engage participants in an investigation of the relationship between the local and the global. Through these interactions, the artist pair involves the public in a personalized corporate experience with the aim of questioning the ways we negotiate individual and national identity in an increasingly corporatized world.