Guillaume le Moine is born in 1981 in St brieuc, France. He is graduate of the university of history of art of Rennes and of the school of fine art of Nimes. His work was exhibited with famous french fine art museums and at foreign as the biennal for young art of Moscow. His work is generally motivated by sociological, ethical and political considerations. The artist uses individual and collective notions and explores the relationship between art and science in trying to define the role and status of Image at the time of its mass production and mass distribution. Drawing with a minimalist approach takes an important place in his work, even if he is also researching new multidisciplinary conceptual forms.

He likes to work in a collaboration way, as the realization of Another world, with the CEA-LETI, a laboratory of research in nanotechnology or as the Happiness project, a compilation of 105 drawings made from collected Images about the theme of Happiness. This methodology can be viewed as a commitment and initiates Applications and Receptions which are located  usually outside visual arts.


Action : leafleted to Istanbul, Print on paper, 10 x 15 cm each

This is an action which is created in leafleting to Istanbul. This action is a part of a global artwork: these prospectus are already distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, Montreal, New-York and will be distributed in Paris, Berlin…

I have asked to people to distribute some flyers for me and to be photographed when they are distributing. Then, they give me around 10 photographs of their action which will be presented in an exhibition in France this Fall.

The prospectus represents two sunflowers which can be viewed in 3D in using the stereoscopic system without special glasses! (To see the image in 3D, to cross eyes to see 3 sunflowers, to concentrate on the image at the middle, this image appears in 3D). Drawing of the sunflowers is made as a botanical drawing. The 3D aspect evokes science manipulation, and the way of its distribution symbolizes the risk of unforeseen local and global effects as a result of transgenic organisms proliferating.

I like the economic aspect of this event, drawings are given in a free way like a copy of a tactic of advertisement. there is no name, no information, just the drawing and people.