Elena Mazzi born in 1984 in Reggio Emilia (Italy). She graduated in 2007 in History of Art at Siena University. Afterwards she got a Master degree in Visual Art at IUAV, Venice University. In the last year she studied as a guest student at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, where she won an artist residency (Botkyrka residence) that allowed her to complete her project about New towns in Stockholm and the after-earthquake reconstruction in L’Aquila (Italy). The artwork here presented has been performed in 2010 in Tophane-i Amire (Istanbul), during Istanbul Capital of Culture one-year long event.

ISTANBUL 2010 Personal remarks about an official expectation

Istanbul has been the European Capital of Culture in 2010. This was an important event that symbolically made the Turkish population part of the European world, despite the fact that Turkey doesn’t belong to the EU yet. An official informative brochure presented the new artistic, urban and social integration project developments that wait to enrich Istanbul’s heritage, starting in 2010. My personal view on social and cultural context is led using the same media: a new promotional brochure, where the original text is supported by an antithetical visual language, that intends to underline the vagueness of the content and possible ambiguity in the writing.