Dirk Adams creates work in a variety of media including performance, sound, and installation.

Adams’ work is concerned with language, memory, and culture, and frequently investigates current events, popular culture, politics, and social dynamics. In his live work, different modes of performance – including physical actions, explorations of social roles, casual interactions, and theatrical personas – are frequently intertwined, as is the relationship of artist-performer to audience-participant.

Adams has exhibited sound, performance, and video work in Boston at various venues including Mobius, Boston Center for the Arts, and the Museum of Fine Arts, and elsewhere at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; Sound & Noise Festival, Vancouver, BC; 3rd Encuentro Int’l de Performance CHOCOPOP – in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; Tremor Bogota at Mapa Teatro in Bogota, Colombia, and the 10th Open Festival of Performance Art in Beijing, China. Adams holds a BA in sociology at the University of Colorado, Boulder and an MFA from Tufts University. He was a co-owner and co-curator of Meme Gallery in Cambridge, MA from 2009-2011.


Your Feet, My Voice continues Adams’ experimentation with the format of headphone-based audio. Participants check-out a headphone-mp3 set, acquire a piece of chalk, and set out on a short adventure in the neighborhood of the Istanbul Textile Market in Istanbul, Turkey. The piece investigates the familiar and the unknown with regards to cities and people.

Directions for Your feet, my voice, the downloadable version.

This soundwalk is adapted from one made specifically for the physical incarnation of Mind the Gap at IMC5533 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The web version can be performed wherever you choose.


1. Acquire a piece of chalk

2. Download the mp3 file.

3. Put the file on your mp3 player

4. Choose a place outdoors where you will begin the walk.

5. Start the audio track and await instructions.

Afterward, feel free to email me if you have any comments or would like to share a photo from your walk.