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If you have been wondering how you can support MIND THE GAP, Delta must have been listening! You can donate Sky Miles to us and Delta will give 100%!

Congratulations to the participating artists in the inaugural edition of MIND THE GAP 2011! The following artists will be exhibited at 5533 Gallery and throughout Istanbul. Details will be provided shortly.

Christine Foerster

Collin McRae

Elena Mazzi

Guillaume LeMoine

Lily and Honglei

Lisa Gideonsson and Gustaf Londre

Nance Davies

Sarah Ross

Selin Balci

Shashwati Talukdar

Stephanie Beck

We are getting closer to our goal of raising $5000 to help us get to Istanbul and cover programming expenses! Thank you to our recent sponsors:

taos art experiences

Ann & Joe Frassa

Kathleen Dunn

Paul & Kelly Roswell

Maria Janosko

Rocket Ranch Design & Advertisting 

Vasia Markides

Monica Mitchell & Kevin Finn

Valerie & Garrett Cullen

Nicole Deister

Nova Benway

Please consider becoming a sponsor yourself and helping us reach our goal!

Use your SmartPhones to track MIND THE GAP programming, schedules of events and where we are in Istanbul this September!


MIND THE GAP creator, Alexia Mellor, engages in 37-day swimming performance project!

Taos News | Diving in: Alexia Mellor uses performance art to examine dreams and expectations.

Michelle Dunn is a mixed media artist, educator and curator. She explores the juxtaposition of tactile materials and text woven through the often complex and intricate structure of personal identity, social conscience and memory. “Through an investigation of the various roles I play: mother, daughter, wife, step-daughter, sister and woman, I simultaneously explore the breakdown of the self and the traditional social roles.” She was invited to participate in MIND THE GAP as a co-organizer and artist.

“I am thrilled to be involved with MIND THE GAP and to have the opportunity to work with like-minded international artists and scholars to build on the dialogue of “progress”. As an artist I’m interested in exploring the social aspects within the Turkish community with it’s broad range of diversity. As a co-director I’m excited to have a direct influence on the logistics in what is being shown in the context of the art world.”

Recently, Dunn has been written up in the Baltimore Sun for her participation in the “Art Reinvention” exhibit. “It has always intrigued me, how we adapt to our environments, what we continue to hold onto from the past and what we decide to take on in our growing identity.”

For the Baltimore Sun article covering Michelle Dunn, please visit:

Alexia Mellor is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and curator. She initiated MIND THE GAP after a trip to Istanbul in 2009. “I fell in love with Istanbul the moment I got there. After talking with many locals, I started to notice the many and various ways the city and its people identified with their past history and are working to create a future identity; how they bridged this gap. I could relate to this since much of the investigation I do in my own practice entails how we create identities in relation to place. I felt there was a need to look into this issue in more detail, to expand the dialogue, and to create a forum for emerging artists to exhibit their own take on the “gaps” and disparities that exist in our world today.”

For more information on Alexia Mellor’s work, please visit her website at:

Only a few more days until the finalized list of participants in MIND THE GAP’s inaugural events is announced!

Happy Fourth, America!